Revolutionising Email Outreach


In the world of digital marketing, getting noticed amidst the noise is a constant challenge. Cold outreach, a traditional method of generating leads, has become increasingly difficult due to crowded inboxes and sophisticated spam filters. The challenge was to find a way to not only ensure email deliverability but also to capture the recipient’s attention and prompt action.


Leveraging our extensive knowledge of lead generation, email deliverability, and the available platforms and methods for getting emails delivered, opened, and actioned, we created a unique solution –

Tippr connects to Google Mail, which boasts the highest deliverability rates, ensuring that our outreach emails land in the recipient’s primary inbox. But we didn’t stop there. To capture attention, we developed a clever bot that records prospects’ websites or LinkedIn profiles.

Using AI, we took carefully crafted video messages and personalised them by changing key parameters like the prospect’s name and company name. This was achieved by cloning voices and mouth movements at scale, creating a highly personalised and engaging video message.

These videos were then embedded in the outreach emails in GIF format, showing the prospects their own website or LinkedIn profile. This innovative approach ensured that our emails not only reached the prospects but also captured their attention, leading to significantly higher click rates.


The result was a revolution in email outreach. Our innovative approach led to some of the highest click rates in the industry, demonstrating the power of personalisation and the potential of AI in digital marketing. By combining high deliverability with personalised, attention-grabbing content, we were able to significantly improve the effectiveness of our email outreach, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates. This case study showcases how innovation and technology can transform traditional marketing methods and deliver exceptional results.

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