Women Empowering Defence

Who are WED?

Women Empowering Defence (WED) is an organisation that aims to foster a community within the defence and security sector. They provide a multi-functional platform that serves as a blog, jobs board, social media platform, and membership area. WED is committed to empowering women in the industry while also encouraging the support of male allies.

The Development Journey

Creating a digital platform like WED’s is not an overnight task. It starts with conceptualising the idea, identifying the target audience, and then designing and building the platform. Supporting it with the right digital stack is crucial for seamless operation and scalability.

Design and Personas

Through a series of workshops, we identified key user types and designed a website that was both visually appealing and functional. The design strikes a balance between a lifestyle-led aesthetic and corporate functionality, ensuring it resonates with a broad audience.

The Right Digital Stack

Selecting the right digital stack is vital for the smooth operation of any digital platform. Here’s why we chose the following platforms for WED:

– CRM (Active Campaign): For affordable robust customer relationship management and targeted outreach.
– Website (WordPress): For its flexibility and wide range of functionalities.
– Product, Time, Task Management (Trello): For its user-friendly interface and effective task management capabilities.
– Social and Content Management (Simplified): For streamlined social media and content management.
– Video Interaction (VideoAsk): To engage the community in a more personal and interactive way.
– Data (Google Analytics & Google Data Studio): For comprehensive data analytics.
– Microsoft 365 For reliable admin and email functionalities.
– Podcasts (Descript): For easy podcast creation and editing.

The Benefits

While it’s too early to present specific metrics, the transformation is evident. WED now has a robust digital platform that not only serves its existing community but is also scalable for future growth.


WED’s digital transformation exemplifies the power of a well-thought-out strategy and the right technology stack. Squared IT is proud to have played a role in this transformation, and we look forward to seeing how WED will leverage its new digital capabilities in the future.

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